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Adjustable Base Jack Scaffolding

Adjustable base plates with sturdy and self-cleaning round threads, with color and notch markings to provide protection against over winding. Swiveling base plates useful for uneven surfaces. Base jacks are located in the bottom of the Cuplock standards (vertical), they provide adjustment for variations in ground levels, and they have a safe working load of approx. 4 tons each


  • Hollow Pipe of OD 38 mm and Solid rod OD 32mm
  • The jack nut of SG Iron Casting
  • Base plate size: 150x150x6 mm

Hollow Pipe Jack

Size Weight
230 mm 1.850 Kg
350 mm 2.300 Kg
450 mm 2.600 Kg
600 mm 3.200 Kg

MS Solid Road

Size Weight
300 mm 2.650 Kg
350 mm 2.850 Kg
450 mm 3.500 Kg
600 mm 4.350 Kg