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Cuplock System

The cuplock scaffolding system is a widely used scaffolding system all over the world. Because of its unique locking mechanism, it is an easy to set up system that is fast and economical, therefore so popular. It is a fully galvanized multi-purpose steel scaffold system suitable for providing general access and supporting vertical loads. Shree Om Engineering is one of the leading manufacturer & Provide rental services of cuplock system.

Structure Details

The Cuplock scaffolding system has proven itself to be the fastest of all. Because it is so easy and simple to set up, it saves a lot of time and money. This makes it a popular choice among builders and contractors who are always looking to minimize costs and save time. Compared to tube and fittings, Cuplock is known to have saved time by around 30 to 50%.

Cuplock is a flexible and adaptable scaffolding system that can be used to make a wide variety of structures which serve useful for construction, refurbishment or maintenance. These structures include facade scaffolds, birdcage structures, loading bays, curved structures, staircases, shoring structures, and mobile towers. Hop-up brackets let workers easily install work platforms at a half meter increment below or above the main deck that gives finishing trades – such as painting, flooring, plastering – flexible and easy access without disrupting the main scaffold.

Basically It Contains two types of structural method: Horizontal / Ledger Cuplock System & Vertical / Standard Cuplock System. The Basic unit of a cup lock scaffolding system consists of four horizontal elements which are fixed at a point along the vertical element. The same element which are part of the system can be used to create suitable solution for the purpose of assembling a stair tower, due to the high load bearing capacity associated with the system.

The Vertical Elements in the system are equipped with locking kits, which are welded on to them at intervals of 500 mm or 1000 mm. This offers an economical and practical solution for projects which have level difference at the ground or at the deck. The locking kit consists of bottom and top cups. Where bottom cup is welded onto the vertical element and the Top cup or the upper cup is moveable along the length of the vertical element.

With the mobility of the upper cup comes the responsibility of ensuring that it is not removed from the vertical element completely, owing to the structural difficulties that could occur due to the misplacement of the same. The heads of the horizontal elements, which are structured out of the both end of an elements. With the help of hammer, the upper cup can be rotated in the clockwise direction and the head of the horizontal element is squeezed rigidly between the upper and lower cups.

  • 1. Vertical Bar
  • 2. Top Cuplock
  • 3. Locating Dowel Pin
  • 4. Bottom Cuplock
  • 5. Cross Bar
  • 6. Cross Bar Joint