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Adjustable Telescopic Prop

Telescopic Prop are most ideal and economical method of support for all kind of formwork to slab, Beams, Walls and Column. Made out of 40 NB & 50 NB MS tubes confirming to IS 1161/1239. Their ability to adjust to wide range of height variation, have and them indispensable to construction industry. These are the crucial components that can be used for the purpose of all types of building construction projects. These act as adjustable load bearing supports which especially find usage in withstanding vertical loads or as wall braces. These are also known as Adjustable Props, Scaffolding Jacks, Shoring Props, Post Shore Props, Formwork Props, and Pipe Support. Heavy duty, light Duty and Normal Duty Props are other forms of this type of arrangement.


  • Outer Members are made of 60 mm OD Round Pipe
  • Inner Members are made of 48 mm OD Round Pipe
  • Top and Bottom Plates are made of 150x150x6 mm Plates
  • Heavy Duty Malleable Cast Iron Prop Nuts provide the Facility for Fine adjustment
  • ā€œGā€ Pin made of high tensile strength also provides facility for fine adjustment


  • Props eliminates cost of skilled labour and timber wastage.
  • Props are adjustable to various height requirement.
  • Quickly and early erected by unskilled Labour.
  • Prop are easy to Handle and can be used time and time again.
  • Compact design for economical transportation and storage.
  • No loose parts to be lost or mislaid.
  • No more lost pins and broken claims.

Prop Sleeve

These type of Sleeves are used in MS Steel Props. The Prop Sleeves are used in this case are Roll Threaded, which give extra strength to the pipe. These sleeves are also enhancing with the use of electroplating using a high grade material, which enables it to have higher resistance.

Prop Nut (Heavy Duty)

Prop nut is a part of MS Steel Prop. It fits on prop sleeve and use to adjust the height of inner up to 300 mm. To Move the nut easily on threaded Sleeve, one handle is provided on it.

Prop Sleeve

The Prop G Lock is an accessory that is used in MS Props. The main material used to make this G lock is Low Carbon Steel. It is used to lock the inner members on the basis of adjusted heights.