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Cuplock Standard / vertical

These are vertical tubes that use lower fixed cups at half a meter intervals with rotating cups on the top. These can firmly hold together up to four components. Verticals come with and without spigots, adding to the flexibility of Cuplock scaffolding system. Verticals without spigots weigh lighter than the one with spigots. The Cuplock Standard / Vertical are manufactured from 48 mm OD MS Round Pipe, provided in various sizes with Cup Joints welded at 500 mm Intervals. The top cups are made from Malleable casting to endure rough site handling, and welded bottom cups are pressed from High Quality Steel.

Vertical 1.00 Mtr - 2 Cuplock 4.70 Kgs.
Vertical 1.50 Mtr - 3 Cuplock 6.80 Kgs.
Vertical 2.00 Mtr - 4 Cuplock 9.00 Kgs.
Vertical 2.50 Mtr - 5 Cuplock 11.50 Kgs.
Vertical 3.00 Mtr - 6 Cuplock 13.65 Kg