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Adjustable U-Head / U-Jack

Adjustable U head and U jack are specially designed for levelling scaffolding, fast and accurate. Onsite installation is provided by a combination of coarse and fine adjustment up to maximum of 550 mm and can be customized. Adjustable Jack Stirrup head is used at the top of the vertical Cuplock standard in order to provide an additional maximum adjustment of length up to 300 – 600 mm. The main application of U-Jacks is to hold MS Beams and channel in places, upon which the shuttering plates are placed during the construction. The UJacks Are Manufactured using the roll threading process, which increases safety and enables them to have a load bearing capacity of up to 4 Tones.

It has a solid stem of 35mm nominal diameter which has a nut restraint to ensure the stem always has a minimum engagement into the Standard of 150mm. The U-Head is capable of accepting twin 100mm. wide bearers


  • Easy mobility
  • High efficiency
  • Heavy in weight
  • Longer service life
  • Flawless make
  • High material strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accurate dimension

Hollow Pipe Jack

Size Weight
230 mm 1.850 Kg
350 mm 2.300 Kg
450 mm 2.600 Kg
600 mm 3.200 Kg

MS Solid Road

Size Weight
300 mm 2.650 Kg
350 mm 2.850 Kg
450 mm 3.500 Kg
600 mm 4.350 Kg