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Ms Pipe & Heavy Duty Bridge Crib

MS Pipe are used for manufacturing various scaffolding products like MS Prop, Cuplock Vertical & Horizontal etc. It is also used to build scaffolding structures with couplers.

We have different size of MS Pipes.

  • MS Round Pipe 38.00 mm OD
  • MS Round Pipe 48.00 mm OD
  • MS Round Pipe 60.00 mm OD

Heavy Duty Bridge Crib

Heavy duty bridge crib system is widely used as staging for heavy floors at higher altitudes and also serves as scaffolds on certain occasions. Each heavy duty tower has an unmatched capacity of 25 MT and is ideal for handling heavy loads at unusual heights. It also servers as Table Formwork in multi storied constructions and can be handled as single units up to a height of 5 mtr.

Heavy Duty bridge Crib are mainly used for staging purposes in the construction of flyovers, Buildings and Bridge - Tunnel form work, small & Big under Pass, Small & Big Culvert.

Angles used 50 x 50 x 5 mm size Height: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm & 2000mm Base: 450 x 450 mm

Additional supports of MS Angles can be provided, on the standing angles, as per the requirements of the customer.